Hey you! Get off the gadget and get the paper out!
Over the years I have had so many ideas, some of them were genius (ha!) others, not so much. One thing I learnt from this however, is that no suggestion or thought is stupid, any one of them could be the key to the door of your genius Idea. Brainstorming, I love it.
Sometimes you need a buddy to bounce ideas off or even someone who does not spend everyday inside your business, a fresh eye. You can try with your partner or friends but most of the time they just say "That's great" or "That won't work" rarely do they give you suggestions that make you think or more importantly inspire you.
That is where my Brainstorming sessions come in...

Every brainstorming session is unique to you, the client. There are no rules in brainstorming only that you let it all out. What is good however is once it is all out on the table our minds are then clear to refine the ideas and work towards creating what you desire.
I bring my creative marketing and advertising skills as well as my vast visual understanding. I have been working with creative individuals around the world for the past 10 years on ideas, solutions or just bringing some heart back to their brands.
I am excited to share my knowledge with my clients and help them gain the energy to take on the world.



With Laura it started with a glance of her work that I thought would be a collaboration  but became a collusion of spirit and grace. To have the freedom to share ideas, see the possibilities of what may turn into something new and original. There is a landscape of design we see every day but to find someone who can relate an idea to new horizons, evolve a state of mind that breaks a new boundary is what makes engaging with Laura exciting, refreshing and inspirational.  
Toby Smith – Toby’s Estate