The Natural Beauty Company 

Jo came to me from a word of mouth with a great concept/products, visual ideas and catchy name.

We had our initial meeting in a cafe, chatted about the brand and the overall idea for a bit, then about life, work, anxieties and laughed for a long while. Why? I am a big believer that the brand will present itself when we relax and laugh and get to know each other. Also, let's face it, we were going to be hanging out a bit in the months to come. We have to get along. 

Our design meeting was held at Jo's home (Orli HQ). When I am ready to start the design process I like to meet people in their environment. I draw a lot from interiors when designing digitally (to avoid a stark electronic look) beautiful wooden floors and marble table tops were big features. This woman had style. However the design brief did not represent this at all, it was a collection of sites she did not like. They had flash banners and over populated organic products. Jo was after a tactile welcoming site that was pleasing to visit. Like a beautiful retail store. This is where we decided to use the marble and wood on the site.

Often clients know what that don't want and find it hard to describe what they really love or put their vision into words.

The wood and marble were created from photos I took around her home. the wood is from a sample of her floor and the marble from the kitchen island table top. It was a lot of fun pulling all this together for both Jo and I. 

We decided it would be a good idea to use the marble as the product background so the products were not just sitting on a plain white backing. (all products where shot in the kitchen with natural light, all natural like the products) you will notice the different tones as the sun comes and goes. We like that.

This also applies to the Marketing Banners that display a collection of products sold on the site along with hand cut flowers from her garden and seasonal fruit that features in the products.

Not just all pretty textures and illustrations however.
This is a site built with Shopify a reliable open source e-commerce solution. I use Shopify to build online stores due to is easy to use CMS (content management system) so my clients will be able to add pages, collections, blog posts, products with no real learning curve at all. This allows them to focus on building their brand not learning how to use their site. Shopify also has no down time or lag time like some of its competitors - which equals no frantic calls to me  :) This is based on my own research over the past 10 years of creating and designing sites.

We wanted the site to be easy to navigate with no customer confusion and complex collection layering. This also helps when it comes to the sites SEO.  

Keeping your social media on brand is important.
Instagram is proving to be a very successful social tool for getting your brand seen. So the importance of keeping your images looking good, relevant messages and planned (not so "insta" after all is it) should be a key element in your weekly or daily marketing plan. Afterall this could be the first impression someone gets of your brand. We worked on looking at your instagram as a magazine making sure your posts have purpose and look good giving the client something not just "selling" to them.


In store marketing
When a customer lands on your site you want them to be presented with your latest offers or special features to make their experience in your store helpful (like a shop assistant in a physical store) Make sure it is friendly, directional and has a point. Sales, Free Offers your Philosophy or your new product range.